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Family trip to California to visit family.  Financial freedom.  Investing in what matters.

The definition of a Hipster is 'a person who is regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.'  So it's fitting as a way to define a lifestyle and methodology of approaching your money that involves investing in things that matter the most.  

Live Life Differently. Live Simple. Be Free. 

In today's age of consumerism and technology, that is definitely outside the cultural mainstream. It's why minimalism and tiny living has built so much interest. People want to live their life on their terms, but its hard to do that without being intentional with your money. 

Money is often considered something that people shouldn’t discuss. Well it's not taught in school, so how the heck are we supposed to learn about it? “OK Google?!” Here we’ll take the suits and ties out of money talk and address how decisions around money are not about spreadsheets and numbers, but achieving your life goals. Together, lets build a community of like minded people who understand that life is better lived simple.

About Me

My name is Nick Waite.  Blogger at Financial Hipster.  

Hi there! My name is Nick and I live in Columbus, Ohio with my beautiful wife and two daughters. I started Financial Hipster because I want to help educate people about personal finance and share what I've learned over the years.

As a finance major I built an understanding of finance from an early age, but could never understand why it took so long, and a college degree, to learn about it.  I started blogging to build a community to tackle all of life’s financial challenges, especially those facing millennials and young working adults. I wouldn't be where I am today unless I was intentional with my money from the day I started making it.  My wife and I are financially free in the sense of getting to work how we want to work because we are debt free and mortgage free.  Living simple allowed my wife to stay at home with our two girls while also growing her marketing and photography business.  It's never too early or too late to learn about money in order to make the best decisions for your today and tomorrow. Financial conversations and literacy can be daunting - I get it. That’s why I’m passionate about providing others with this space to spark new ideas, inspire a new perspective on money management and evoke conversations around our ability as individuals and as a society to live life differently. 

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